Details for Order of Publication


ORDER OF PUBLICATION Commonwealth of Virginia VA. CODEĀ§ 8.01-316 HENRY COUNTY J & DR - JUVENILE Case No. J.J.016201-09-00 Commonwealth of Virginia, in re MOORE, KAINE RAYFIELD JOSEPH BLAIR CLARK /v. ALPHONSO RICHARDO MOORE ELIZABETH CRITZ CLARK ARGYRO SYLVIA NEWMAN The object of this suit is to:. THE ADOPTION OF KANE RAYFIELD MOORE, DOB 8/16/2018. WHOSE BIOLOGICAL MOTHER IS ARGYRO SLYVIA NEWMAN AND BIOLOGICAL FATHER IS ALPHONSO RICHARDO MOORE. It is ordered that [x] the defendant [x] ALPHONSO RICHARDO MOORE AND ARGYRO SYLVIA NEWMAN appear at the above-named Court and protect his or her interests on or before 1/27/2022 2:00 PM. 12/21/2021 Nora A. Green, Clerk