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MY WORD: Will we now see Donald Trump for what he is?

MY WORD: Will we now see Donald Trump for what he is?

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By Andy Parker

Americans now have three existential crises happening at once — a pandemic, an economic meltdown and an unhinged president who is a huckster, a failed operator of everything, a man who has conned the masses (bankers, contractors, Trump University students, etc.) out of their money and is still supported by about a third of the population. A conservative columnist recently opined, “He promises a coronavirus cure and millions of tests just like he promised customers delicious steaks and university degrees.” He has been overselling and underperforming his entire life.

Sixty percent of this country knows he is worse than useless. Another 10% only care about their 401Ks and until now would vote for him again despite his total lack of understanding of any complex issues or how the federal government operates.

Senate Republicans helped to pass a massive stimulus bill (something they resisted under Obama) because they recognize that only the federal government can hopefully stave off economic collapse. It’s essentially the same socialism they were vilifying just a few short weeks ago. It reminds me of the fools that were screaming about how they hated the idea of Obamacare, because it was “government-run” and at the same time shrieking, “But don’t you touch my Medicare!”

The only socialism Republicans approve of is corporate welfare, and until the Democrats in congress stopped them, this bailout included a $500 billion slush fund with no accountability. It would’ve enabled corporations to get the aid, do stock buybacks and still fire their workers. So much for helping the little guy, but then all you have to do is look at the last tax relief bill and the 2021 budget to know that Trump and Republicans really don’t care.

Watching the stock market tank, Trump now defies the experts in the medical community (because, you know he’s the stable genius with a gut feeling) and was encouraging people to get back to normal by Easter. He soon may be calling the coronavirus a hoax again. Will this insane behavior be enough for Republicans to step away from their sycophantic go-along attitude with Trump’s war on facts, reality and science? Maybe they’ll realize their political and our physical survival will depend on it. Except of course for Dan Patrick, the lieutenant governor of Texas, who wants the elderly to take one for the team. May he’ll be the first in line.

I get it that some people voted for Trump in 2016 because they were sick of the status quo, saw Hillary Clinton as more of the same and just wanted to blow things up. I can only hope those in that 10% bracket are now having buyer’s remorse. That still leaves the 30% — hardcore members of the cult of Trump that are still buying into his con — you know, the ones that would still vote for him if he shot someone on 5th Avenue, or let the coronavirus go unchecked to save the economy.

A few weeks ago, Joe Biden had a now famous seminal moment during a campaign stop in Ohio when a man confronted him with the same old tired line I’ve heard for the last four and half years since my daughter, Alison, was murdered on live television. “You’re trying to take our guns away”, the man said, parroting the typical NRA mantra. The Second Amendment is the only one these people recognize but in a totally absolute sense.

Joe’s response was spot on, and it’s something I’ve not been able to publicly say until now, but to the morally and intellectually bankrupt 30% who refuse to acknowledge the danger of the real Donald Trump to this country and the world, I’ll borrow the line from Joe and make it a blanket statement: “You’re all full of s***.”

Andy Parker, a resident of Henry County, is an advocate for gun safety and the author of “For Alison: The Murder of a Young Journalist and a Father’s Fight for Gun Safety”

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