Missoula Children's Theatre presents shows Saturday

Missoula Children's Theatre presents shows Saturday

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Only $3 for 13 weeks

More than four dozen local children and teenagers will perform Saturday in two showings of the Missoula Children’s Theatre’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

Performances will be presented at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. Saturday in the Walker Fine Arts auditorium at Patrick Henry Community College.

Missoula is sponsored each year by Charity League. Susan Haskins is this year’s coordinator. In this intensive performing arts experience, auditions are held on a Monday, and rehearsals are held for four hours each evening for the rest of the week, until the day of the show. Admission is $6.

The characters and their actors are: Emperor, Gavin Luther, son of John and Wendy Luther; ManyPenny, Anna Locklear, daughter of Kenny and Sherry Locklear; Royal Scholar, Roxy Haley Stone, daughter of Tom and Debby Stone; Royal Scholar Red, Anna Haynes, daughter of Joe and April Haynes; King Air, Marcus Dailey, son of Randy and Regula Dailey; Queen Air, Hannah Morris, daughter of Heidi Morris; Queen Earth, Courtney Treadway, daughter of Junior and Christie Treadway; King Earth, Emma Metzger, daughter of Adam and Carrie Metzger; King Fire, Kendall Mayes, daughter of Tony and Carrie Mayes; Queen Fire, Karis Meggs, daughter of Don and Karen Meggs; King Water, Keegan Shelburne, son of Charles Shelburne and Angela Shelburne; and Queen Water, Lillian Jacobson, daughter of Robert and Crystal Jacobson.

The Money Council are: Diem Forestier, daughter of Ryan and Becky Forestier; Mason Calloway, son of Jonathan and Whitney Calloway, Lundyn Holt, daughter of Larry and Carrie Holt; Isabella Hancock, daughter of Justin and Kristin Hancock; Mary Quirk, daughter of Holly Kozelsky and Andy Quirk; and Norah Cundiff, daughter of William and Brooke Cundiff. Other characters are Gem, played by Elyse Headen, daughter of Gavin and Meaghan Headen; Boots, Drew Foster, son of Steve and Kerri Foster; Lid, Savannah Fain, daughter of Steven and Christie Fain; and Stitch, Meredith Joyce, daughter of Darrell and Beth Joyce.

The Royal Jewelers are: Lily Phillips, daughter of Rachel Phillips and granddaughter of Sam and Marti Phillips; Stella Kovack, daughter of John and Jenny Kovack; and Ashby Starnes, daughter of Chris and Amy Starnes. The Royal Cobblers are Kinsleigh Harris, daughter of Jon and Leighann Harris; and Jasalyn Thomas, daughter of Dexter Thomas and Olivia Keesee.

Royal Hatters are: Audrey McGhee, daughter of Jason and Mandy McGhee; Daniel Gray, son of David and Tammy Gray; and Briggs Favero-Wylie, son of Larry Wylie and Veronica Favero. Royal Tailors are: Kristen Meggs, daughter of Don and Karen Meggs; and Aiden Calloway, son of Jonathan and Whitney Calloway.

Royal Silkworms are: Avery Kovack, daughter of John and Jenny Kovack; Delaney Creech, daughter of Justin and Tiffany Creech; Alanna Gerlach, daughter of Alex and Amber Gerlach; Arabella Spencer, daughter of DJ and Samantha Spencer; Charlee Lewis, daughter of Lee and Stephanie Lewis; Ivy Witt, daughter of Jason and Elizabeth Witt; Layla Mills, daughter of Del and Sharon Mills; Natalie Moorefield, daughter of Sarah Moorefield; Emery Taylor, daughter of Brooks and Ashley Taylor; Daisy Hairston, daughter of Brienna Hairston and Tim Hairston; Havah Mitchell, daughter of Shawn and Katie Mitchell; and Arabella Gilbert, daughter of Hope and Susan Fulcher.

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