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Buying Guide: 3 super light summer bedding essentials
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Buying Guide: 3 super light summer bedding essentials

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Hot summer temperatures can make getting full night of sleep uncomfortable, especially under a heavy duvet. If you’re looking for the best light summer bedding, here’s the quickest way to update you room for the season.

1) Buy breathable fabrics.

While flannel sheets might keep you toasty and warm in winter, they’re the last thing you want to sleep on in the summer. Choosing a breathable fabric like bamboo can help you avoid night sweats. Bamboo is also naturally antimicrobial, so you won’t get as much odor buildup between washes.

LuxClub 6 Piece Bamboo Sheets available from Amazon

2) Choose a cooling blanket.

If you like the weight of sleeping with a blanket but sweat too much under heavy quits and duvets, this cooling blanket from Elegear is the perfect solution. It’s made from Japanese Q-Max 0.4 cooling fiber with a cotton backing and is designed to pull heat away from the body while you sleep. Customers said it was the best blanket they’d used in hot, humid temperatures.

Elegear Queen Size Cooling Blanket available from Amazon

3) Invest in a cooling pillow.

Choosing a cooling pillow is one of the best ways to avoid tossing and turning at night. Shredded memory foam allows more air to circulate than solid memory foam while still providing support. This pillow also has a silk knitted cover to maximize circulation and keep you cool.

KUNGPENG Shredded Memory Foam Pillows available from Amazon

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