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Henry County property transactions recorded mid-October

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The largest property transfer noted in Henry County during October was a $5,525,000 sale from Green and Chatham Martinsville to Dollar Smart of Atlanta on Oct. 17. Henry County GIS lists Green & Chatham as having owned the Dollar Smart storage units on Greensboro Road, between Fontaine Drive and Rives Road, and the storage units on Old Chatham Road across from Clearview Drive. That entry is:

From Green and Chatham Martinsville to Stor NCVA Dollar Smart LLC of Atlanta: 1.995 acres, 3 acres and 0.783 acres, Ridgeway District, $5,525,000; and 2 acres and 4.55 acres, no district given, $10

Other property transactions recorded in Henry County during mid-October are:

From Alan Linwood McGregor to K1 Properties LLC, of Collinsville: Lot in Collinsville District, $180,000

From Susan Boyd McGregor to K1 Properties LLC: 5.84 acres, Collinsville District, $200,000

From John A. Gardner to Barry L. Hairston: Lots on south side of Rosewood Ave., Collinsville District, $209,000

From Donald Cecil Draper, executor, to Donald Cecil Draper: 6 acres on margin of SR 609 and 55/100 acres at intersection of SR 609, Reed Creek District, $15,000

From Energize Ministries Inc. to Energize Properties LLC of Winston-Salem, N.C.: 64.389 acres and 5.003 acres, no district given, $65,000

From Doris K. Wood to Donald Edward Hancock Jr. of Hardy: Parcels, $100,000

From GD Ridgeway LLC to Bryan K. Straugh of Clifton City Park, NY: 9.25 acres on NW side of Phospho Road, Ridgeway District, $26,500

From Lealia B. Martin to Rosa G. Wood of Martinsville: Lot on northwest side of Cardinal Road, Iriswood District, $110,000

From Micky Hankins W. Hankins to NBS Martinsville LLC of Lynchburg: Lots on east side of Rosewood Avenue, Collinsville District, $450,000

From Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to JW28 LLC of Claymont, Del.: Lot on northwest side of Daniels Creek road and southwest side of Endless Road, Collinsville District, $14,025

From Raymond S. Boisvert to Mark L. Davis of Axton: 1.992 acres on southeast side of Country Place, Iriswood District: $240,000

From Helen C. Turner to Debra Joyce Craig of Bassett: Lots in Collinsville District

From Ollie H. Martin to April J. Cox of Bassett: 2.874 acres, $82,000

From Doris C. Ingram to Howard D. Tate of Ridgeway: Lot on north side of Mulberry Road, $225,000

From Joan B. Kallam to Brian David Kallam of Spencer: Parcels in Horsepasture District

From Cynthia Caviness Neely to Dianne Turner of Collinsville: $109,900

From Wilma L. Pedigo to Steven Dale Allen of Bassett: 3.300 acres in Blackberry District

From Dawn W. Minkema to Brittany Elizabeth Plumley of Bassett: Lot in Reed Creek District, $135,000

From Sharon L. Moore to Brian Burnette of Stanleytown: Lot on north side of N&W Railroad, Bassett, $1,700

From Margaret S. Carrington to Mark Spencer of Ridgeway: Lot on west side of Road 684 near Fieldale in Horsepastur District, $1,500

From Wilbur Blanks to Elvis Witcher of Rocky Mount: Lot on north side of Road 679 in Horsepasture District, $900

From Will Mose Cook to Cindy Ann Lacroix of Ridgeway: Two lots in Iriswood District, $2,000

From James A. Jarrett to Hopco LLC of Spencer: 54.241 acres, $150,000

From Phyllis T. Prillaman to JLCenterprise LLC of Martinsville: Lots on northwest side of Hwy 698, Blackberry District, $13,200

From Earl E. Hoar to Joyce Wilson Hoar Family Herit. of Gloucester: Parcels fronting northeast side of Rte 58

From Susan R. Gauldin to Emily S. Clark of Martinsville: Situated on northeast side of SR 657

From Herbert Keith Damron to Walter Hansen of Bassett: 1.551 acres, Blackberry District, $217,500

From Will Antwan Witcher to Douglas Connel of Rocky Mount: Lots fronting on Clearview Drive, Martinsville District, $74,000

From Phillip S. Handy to Thomas S. Handy of Martinsville: 5.43 acres tract, Martinsville District

From Jennifer L. Hendricks to Alma C. Gonzales of Collinsville: Lots in Henry County, Collinsville District, $90,000

From Kelly M. Corya to Lene Van Mercer of Henrico: 48.785 acres on east and west side of SR 612, Iriswood District, $133,000

From Robert S. Joyce to Tamara S. Pender of Martinsville: 0.25 acres in Ridgeway District, $60,000

From J. Michael Clifton to Sandra E. Faulkner of Bassett: Lots on south margin of SR 1243, Reed Creek District, $245,000

From Donald Wayne Davis Jr. to SU &P Property of Roanoke: 2.480 acres on Old Well Road in Horsepasture District, $80,000

From New South Holdings LLC to James Franklin Cox III of Axton: 2.925 acres and 6.995 acres, Iriswood District, $75,000

From James F. Hudson Jr. to Orr Properties LLC of Richmond: 21.019 acres, $93,943.70

From Yvonne D. Joyner to Homer G. Vaughn of Martinsville: Two lots on west side of Kings Mill Road in Ridgeway District, $60,000

From Maxine Stone Richardson to Yo Daddy’s Properties of Martinsville: Lot on west side of Marshall Coaurt, $73,600

From Rodger D. Price to Patrick Wayne Price of Bassett: Lots on southwest side of Cresthill Drive, Bassett

From Earl J. Hippen to Nicolas Alan Keister of Martinsville: 0.456 acres on northeast side of Honeysuckle Drive, Horsepasture District, $165,000

From Turbo Cash Offers LLC to Jose Romero of Ridgeway: 5.390 acres off Garrett Road, Ridgeway District, $10,000

From Shannon Johnson to 6900 Fairystone LLC of Bassett: Lots on north side of Hwy 57, $60,000

From NGM LLC to Frederick E. Zoeller of Bassett: 0.731 acres, $148,000

From Owney Carter to Jorge Alvarez of Axton: Parcel, $14,250

From Bowles Properties Inc. to Ridgeway District Volunteer Fi. of Ridgeway: Parcel on SR 87, $100,000

From Samuel I. White PC Trustees to Federal National Mortgage Association of Texas: Lot on north side of Seventh Street, $56,730

Henry County property transactions recorded at the start of October
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