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Henry County property transactions recorded during late August

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  • From Flor Teresa Silva Morales to Oscar Rene Perea Giron of New York: lots on east side of Joseph Martin Hwy, $185,000
  • Fro Joan Correa-Quinones to Cyle J. Hinderliter of Henry: 62.593 acres on west side of SR 605, part in Henry County and part in Floyd County, $416,000
  • From Edward Lee Arrington Jr. to Richard Samuel Arrington of Bassett: lots
  • From Richard G. Crouch to Grateful Grouse Holdings LLC of Durham, N.C.: 18 acres, 12.983 acres, 22.037 acres and 33 acres, $325,000
  • From Edward Lee Arrington Jr. to Lois Marie Arrington of Bassett: lots
  • From M. Brandon Grogan to Joshua A. Long of Martinsville, $191,200
  • From Michelle N. Hairston to Shaquana Nicole Payne of Martinsville: lot on northeast side of Laurel Drive, Martinsville District, $94,000
  • From Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to Mark Davidson of Midlothian: $18,680
  • From Torrie L. Sands Jesse to Manuela Chevez-Hernandez of Stanleytown: lot known as 139 Stanley Main St., Reed Creek District, $80,000
  • From Curtis T. Pilson III to Shonna T. Woods of Collinsville: lot on northwest side of Belmont Street and Collingwood Court
  • From Jesse D. Cahill to Ivan A. Rubiano of Roanoke: 43.78 acres off S.R. 679, Blackberry District, $295,000
  • From RBCB Properties LLC to Cody Vance Williams of Martinsville: 0.825 acre, $34,500
  • From Rhonda Lyons-Frith to Shirley D. Frith of Collinsville: parcel on southwest side of Colonial Drive, Martinsville District
  • From James Louis Beckner Jr. to Thirty-Six Fifty-One LLC of Staunton: lots in Ridgeway District, $476,700
  • From Marcus Wright to Ramon Mondrell Hairston of Stanleytown: 4.038 acre on northwest side of space off SR 767
  • From Leann Elizabeth Miller to Angela Dawn Brown of Patrick Springs: lot on east margin of SR 627, Blackberry District
  • From Steven P. Milani, Special Comm., to Randolph C. Campbell of Martinsville: three parcels in Henry County
  • From Hilda Garcia Huerta to Ramiro Garcia Huerta of Martinsville: 0.138 acre on south side of SR 698, Blackberry District, $10,000
  • From Equity Trustees LLC to PHH Mortgage Corporation of New Jersey: lot in Irisburg District, $127,050
  • From Justin Evan Cooley to Mary Frances Scott of Bassett: 1 acre and 2.878 acres on north side of SR 674, Reed Creek District
  • From David M. Kendrick to Tanna N. Turner of Martinsville: lot on west side of SR 108, Reed Creek District, $109,000
  • From Theodore Rodney Foster to Abner Enoc Alvarenga Morales of New York: lots in Martinsville District, $35,000
  • From Icie Farnsworth to Donald Robert Charapich of Woodbridge, 0.99 acre on northeast side of SR 695, Horsepasture District, $41,500
  • From Robbie Lee Stilwell to Kristin Ashley Cooper of Bassett: 0.527 acre well lot 0.336 acre and 7.398 acres
  • From R. Wayne Wood to John K. Adams of Bassett: 26.725 acres 0.33 mile to SR 828, Blackberry District, $108,000
  • From the Estate of Betty Ruth Nolen to Gina D. Finocchiaro of Bassett: 1.508 acres, $132,000
  • From Dwight L. Dillon Jr., Tr., to James M. Roberts of Alexandria: lots on bank of Smith River, Blackberry District, $7,000
  • From Phyllis B. Pounds to Moses Barr of Martinsville: 1.182 acres on Old Chatham Road, $110,000
  • From Bassett Community Center Inc. to Bobby C. Tatum: Deed of easement
  • From James E. Adkins to Yo Daddy’s Properties LLC of Martinsville: Lot with 0.524 acre on east side of Finley Drive, Ridgeway District, $20,000, and 0.470 acres on west side of Finley Drive, $30,000, and 0.869 acres on west side of Finley Drive, $125,000
  • From Joyce R. Rumley, sole devisee, to John A. Stewart of Martinsville: $95,200
  • From Bobby Lawson to Ricky Lawson: tract in Henry County
  • From Jeffrey Wayne Severt, sole heir, to Christy Determan of Bassett: $100,000
  • From NTGLQ Investors LP to Abel Newman of Martinsville: lot in Martinsville District, $25,000
  • From Shelia Knight Clausen to Brian K. Gervais of Ridgeway: 36.080 acres and 55.578 acres in Town of Ridgeway and Ridgeway District: $415,000
  • From Larry Plymale to Michael N. Farmer of Ridgeway: 1.015 acres, $132,000
  • From Samson Junior Dodson to George T. Price III of Martinsville: lot on north side of Hillcrest Avenue, Ridgeway District, $55,000
  • From Margaret Jane Robertson to Dennis Bowles of Bassett: 1 acre on south side of SR 657, $154,000
  • From Conny Wallace to Houston Lewis Wallace of Bassett: 0.146 acre on north side of Pine Street
  • From Gary M. Goad to Charles Carson Williams of Stanleytown: lots on east margin of SR 698, Horsepasture District, $1,000
  • From Bobby C. Hurt to Eric Herington of Ridgeway: lot on east side of Sinclair Street, Ridgeway District, $101,000
  • From Clara E. Cockram to Michael Edgar Cockram of Ridgeway: tract on northwest side of SR 636
  • From Hassie Lynn Cline to Donna Cline Hankins of Axton: lot
  • From LBJE Tri-Net LLC to Nadayaat LLC of Wrightsville Beach, N.C.: 1.584 acres on SR 57, (Dollar General on Chatham Road,) Iriswood District, $1,582,144
  • From Kimberly D. Smart to George W. Conklin of Bassett: 0.665 acre and 0.072 acre on north side of SR 748, Blackberry District, $210,000
  • From Richard B. Robertson to Justin William Willard of Axton: lot on southeast side of SR 647, Iriswood District, $150,000
  • From Anthony Protano to Donna Marie Rooney Protano of Ridgeway: 1.0245 acre in Ridgeway District with a 25-foot right-of-way
  • From Richard W. Helmondallor to ZSG Properties Corporation of Bassett: 415 Wells Hollow, Bassett, $10,000
  • From John W. Mills to Oak Level LLC of Martinsville: lots in Reed Creek District
  • From John W. Mills to Thomasson Heights Baptist Church in Collinsville: tract on side line of Annie Mildred Prillaman Turner, Reed Creek District
  • From Veronica M. Favero to Brandon D. Meggison of Collinsville: lot on east side of Patsy Avenue, $165,000
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