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Melody Cartwright

Oh, look, a room full of paranoid, old, white bullies applauding more misinformation and gun violence. We need more education for each gun owner on what they can and cannot do on their property. If in doubt, call the police first!

Please take note, these proclamations do NOT mean homeowners can shoot any companion animal or person who walks onto your property. Please be informed and not self-righteous. If at all possible call the police BEFORE you grab your gun and run outside. Sanctuary fever is a farce.


David Farad

Your indignance is both underwhelming and uncompelling. The fact of the matter is that you are a bully that would rather see gun owners put in the closet, like some Republicans would like to put gay people back in the closet if they had their way. Leave people alone and stop trying to dictate your own version of morality in other people's lives. I swear, some people on both sides have the mentality of children or gang members, and I can't quite tell which is worse.

Barry Joyce

I’m a little disappointed by this reporters view of Tuesday nights meeting and vote by the Henry County Board of Supervisors. Tuesday night was not the Andy and Barbara Parker show as outlined by the article but rather a vote for freedom and liberty. The Parkers have suffered an unimaginable tragedy in their loss and the 2nd Amendment was Tuesday’s focal point but there are nine other Articles in the Bill of Rights that I’m as passionate about as well, the first being “Freedom of Speech” as exercised by Mrs Parker and others. Ms Meeks be a little more balanced; each side has a story. In Liberty..

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