Martinsville-region COVID-19/coronavirus daily update from state, nation and world: June 29

Martinsville-region COVID-19/coronavirus daily update from state, nation and world: June 29

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News emerged this morning that the Patrick County Circuit Court Clerk's office had been closed because an employee tested positive for COVID-19. The office reopened this morning under strict access conditions. This coming after it was announced that 24 people tested positive on Saturday and Sunday in the West Piedmont Health District. This follows 14 positive tests on Fridays. Meanwhile the region's large entertainment, educational and meeting facilities each has crafted a unique plan for reopening. We have those details. Outbreaks continue to surge across the country, as the number of cases spiked to all-time highs in many states. Florida has closed some beaches because of the outbreaks. There also are worldwide hot spots emerging. The number of cases worldwide is now more than 10 million, and the death count has surpassed 500,000. The U.S. represents almost exactly 25% of those totals. In Virginia, the rise in cases and deaths has slowed dramatically. The Virginia Department of Health reports this morning reported there are 63,189 cases and have been 1,740 deaths statewide (only 8 since Sunday). Some 6,164 people have been hospitalized. Henry County's number of positive cases increased to 250, with 22 hospitalized and 4 deaths. Martinsville has 74 cases, 9 hospitalized and 1 death. Patrick County has 42 cases, and 2 have been hospitalized, and now 2 dead. Franklin County's total is at 72, with 5 hospitalized and 1 death. Danville now has 82 cases, and Pittsylvania County has 117. Johns Hopkins University's real-time map showed 10,168,657 cases worldwide and 502,517 deaths. In the U.S. there are 2,549,069 cases -- that's up about 40,000 since Sunday morning. There have been 125,803 deaths in the U.S. 

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