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There's no doubt that our new governor, Glenn Youngkin, is eager to get rolling in his new job. And like any good business executive, he is moving swiftly to implement his agenda.

The infamous Martin Shkreli is “Pharma Bro” no more. On Jan. 10, Shkreli received a lifetime ban from the pharmaceutical industry. You may recall that Shkreli exploited lax enforcement to corner the market on a lifesaving drug (Daraprim) and then jacked up the list price more than fortyfold. This went on for years, with Shkreli directing the operation even while serving a prison term for a ...

The failures of President Joe Biden's first year in office are obvious to all. Inflation is raging. COVID is raging. Crime is spiking in some big cities. The U.S.-Mexico border is a mess. The American withdrawal from Afghanistan was a mess. And with it all, the president and his party are obsessed, most of all, with passing a voting rules bill that would help ensure their future election by federalizing the voting system along lines favorable to Democrats.

It’s time for Virginia to take a stand against horrific wildlife killing contests and pass a bill to outlaw them. Allowing a minority of the population to gratuitously kill foxes, coyotes, bobcats and other animals in competitions for cash and prizes flies in the face of the public trust doctrine, which holds that wildlife is shared by all citizens of the state. We need our legislators to protect our wildlife and end these contests once and for all.

God’s in a lose-lose situation with the skeptics who wish Him to intervene. He destroyed the immoral with the flood in Genesis 6 for which skeptics now call Him “malevolent,” but the same skeptics ask for more intervention in our modern world.

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