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Stroller: Hodge, Martin fire up the batons in 'Hometown Hustle'

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TODAY’S WORD is titanic. Example: The titanic winter storm had roads frozen over for days, and power was out across the region.

SUNDAY’S WORD was oaf. Example: It means a stupid, uncultured or clumsy person. Example: You oaf, that was supposed to be done the other way!

‘Hometown Hustle’

Have you been keeping up with the episodes of Martinsville’s reality show, “Hometown Hustle”? It is made by Martinsville media magnates Devin Pendleton, famous in theater, and Natalie Hodge, filmmaker femme fatale.

In Episode 5, Natalie dons her black tutu and joins a group of pink-tutued tiny ballerinas in Teresa Martin’s dance class at Teresa’s School of Baton and Dance. Then she changes into pants and a T-shirt to join teenagers in a fast-paced dance class taught by Teresa’s daughter, Chelsea Krontz.

“We’ve always said that we feel like that it is about learning dance, but it’s about a lot of other things, and self-confidence is one of the other things,” Teresa says.

We give Natalie two thumbs up for the confidence to attempt a split!

In a chat, Teresa tells Natalie, “This pandemic was God’s way of showing me how wrong I was. I started out ... in the fall of last year saying, ‘This is my 50th year. There’s nothing that can happen that I haven’t seen before. ... We just go with the flow. Whatever happens, we make the best of it.

There’s a touching moment in which Teresa talks about losing her mother, who all the dance students called “Grandma Dorothy,” last year — the hardest thing she’s ever gone through — and just when you’re tearing up on a portrait of Dorothy, the scene switches to Teresa doing a daring routine with a baton on fire — and Natalie does it, too! (But she’s quick to pass the baton back to Teresa).

See the show on Natalie’s Rudy’s Girl Media Youtube page.


Know what the government is planning before the meeting starts. The Bulletin now attaches complete board meeting agenda packets to the website version of its daily Calendar.

Today’s Chuckle

I called someone yesterday and just got his voice mail. It said: “Hi. This is Hunter. If this is a bill collector, I already sent the money.

“If this is Dad, please send money.

“If you are my bank, you didn’t lend me enough money.

“If this is my college roommate, you still owe me that money.

“If this is the lady I met Friday night, don’t worry. I have plenty of money.”

SUNDAY’S TRIVIA ANSWER: Early lipsticks were kept in little pots, and by the 1890s it was made of carmine (bug juice), oil and wax and sold in paper tubes. The first metal cylinder containers for lipstick, invented by Maurice Levy, were being used by 1915.

TODAY’S TRIVIA QUESTION: Those metal lipstick containers did not swivel the lipstick up like it’s done nowadays; a lipstick user would slide up the lipstick with a little lever at the side of the tube. When was the swivel-up tube invented?

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