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THE STROLLER: Tales from a henpecked household
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THE STROLLER: Tales from a henpecked household

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TODAY’S WORD is contrite. Example: Bethany was contrite after James caught her sneaking one of the office tape dispensers, a stapler and several new pens into her lunch bag.

FRIDAY’S WORD is chagrined. It means to feel distressed or humiliated. Example: Brunhilde was chagrined when the townspeople failed to appreciate the spells she cast and brews she made against the plague spreading through the village and instead looked to the doctors and scientists for guidance.

The Little Black Hen

In the fall, Bulletin staffer Holly Kozelsky wrote a column about The Little Black Hen, who comes to the porch each night because the other hens had bullied her out of the coop. Holly or her daughter bring out the cat carrier, and the hen walks right inside and then spends the night in the house. Since then, people have been asking about that hen, who also has quite the following on social media.

Since then, the bully hens have passed away (from old age, not from the stew pot), and the remaining white hen and the gentle buff Orpington rooster are friendly with her. The three chickens meander about the yard during the day, and then go their separate ways at night.

It must be time for The Little Black Hen to sleep in the coop. She often goes into the coop with the other two during the day, so one day when all three were inside, the coop door was closed for the night.

However, struck with remorse, Holly went to the coop at night to see how the hen was doing — and found her standing at the door of the coop, looking alarmed.

When the coop door was opened, The Little Black Hen went rushing out and back to her nights in the cat carrier.

Nights are warmer now, so it’s time to try again. This time, after the hen goes into the cat carrier, the cat carrier will be left inside the coop, with its door open, instead of inside the house. Do you think that will help the hen sleep comfortably — with her own kind?

FRIDAY’S TRIVIA ANSWER: In 1989, Nintendo looked to the courts to stop Blockbuster from renting out video games but lost.

TODAY’S TRIVIA QUESTION: When was the first video game invented, and what was that game?

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