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Clarke: Williams meddled in Wisconsin count

Clarke: Williams meddled in Wisconsin count


To the Editor:

In reference to Wren Williams' political antics over the last few months, I think "Demagogues' names like their faces, always found in public places," an alteration of a well known saying, is a proper commentary on his behavior.

So Mr. Williams went all the way to Wisconsin to stop "election fraud," did he?

There was a recount of the votes in the Wisconsin presidential election. According to the Wisconsin Election Commission, there were 27 irregularities found out of 3.2 million votes cast -- just .0008% of the votes were improperly cast.

Why did Williams think he needed to go to Wisconsin? Aren't they capable of recounting their own election without his help, or were their ulterior motives behind his meddling?

Will Williams take a polygraph test as to the real reason he went there? Did he really think he had to go there to save them from an election commission which cowers before bullying leftists, or is he just a demagogic parasite meddling in someone else's affairs as a publicity stunt to be declared worthy of the support of Trump's cult?

What evidence was presented to him that voter fraud had been committed? Didn't he lose his case with judges citing frivolity and lack of evidence to support his claim? Doesn't Williams, a lawyer, understand probable cause? Is he one of the 30% of lawyers that former Chief Justice Warren Burger cited as not fit to bring a case to trial?

Trump has lost at least 63 lawsuits with jurists. Others were withdrawn before trial because they knew they had no case and did not want to face malicious prosecution charges. Their "cases" were just a ploy to help Trump raise money and make his false claims of fraud look good this his followers.

We need a conservative statesman, not an opportunist demagogue, to represent our interests in Richmond, in my opinion.

Bill Clarke

Franklin County

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