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MY WORD: There is no reason to try to limit voters' rights
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MY WORD: There is no reason to try to limit voters' rights

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There are 27 amendments to the Constitution. Amendments are made as an effort to improve or get closer “to form a more perfect union…” They do not always work out and can get repealed, as with the amendment to establish prohibition of liquor (18th amendment) and its repeal (22). Amendments are a gage of the pulse of voters, and it ebbs and flows in our history.

There are four amendments that pertain to the right to vote. This is how important voters’ rights are to our nation.

Each of these specific voting amendments begin with “the right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of …” Section Two of each of these amendments says that “Congress shall have the power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.”

Recently the governor of Georgia signed a bill that abridges voters’ rights in his state with various and outrageous voter suppression. This bill is done with no evidence of election misconduct.

In fact, Georgia’s Republican attorney general validated the many recounts of the 2020 election. He then had to deal with Donald Trump’s effort to demean his integrity by telling him he “needed to find” enough votes to overturn the outcome in Trump’s favor.

Trump cannot believe that not everyone believed his delusions. Trump lost the popular vote and lost the electoral vote. He has not figured out yet why he doesn’t still live in the White House. He is the best of sore losers.

Voter fraud in the 2020 election is not the issue. The issue is in the message that the Republican Party is trying to sell to the voters.

Some Republicans still buy the lie of a “stolen election.” To those folks I can only say, “I am sorry you feel that way. Change your focus.”

There will be other states that Trump lost — Texas, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, etc. — that will enact voter suppression laws for their states. All states honored voters rights and outcomes in the last election of 2020.

I agree that states’ rights are important, and the 10th amendment confirms this, but Constitutional amendments will override certain state laws. Amendments make change for the common good of the nation.

One of the aspects of Georgia’s voter infringement bill declares it is against the law to give water or refreshments to voters on line in their upcoming elections. Apparently the “Good Samaritan” concept doesn’t apply in Georgia.

Georgian voters have a thirst for the vote.

The writer is a resident of Ridgeway.

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