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Youngkin's reasons keep changing
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Youngkin's reasons keep changing

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To the editor:

Glen Youngkin can’t quite seem to figure out why he’s running for governor of the commonwealth.

First, it was because he was so inspired by former President Trump. If that inspires you, I’ve got some advice that can’t be printed in a family newspaper.

Second, Glen thought Virginia’s economy was in a “ditch.” It turns out, however, that Virginia is the best state in the nation to do business and has a record-breaking budget surplus. So, Glen dropped that one.

Third, after Glen heard there was a budget surplus, he went full Jim Gilmore and suggested eliminating Virginia’s income tax. If he really believes that can happen and you own a home in Virginia, beware, your real estate taxes will skyrocket. Glen’s chief economic advisor, Stephen Moore, is so nutty that even Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell wouldn’t confirm him to a post, when it was a McConnell-run Senate. We haven’t heard so much about this one lately as maybe some folks remember the Gilmore debacle.

Fourth, “critical race theory.” It’s not taught. It’s not believed. It’s not real in any school in Virginia; but, heck, if it’ll get me elected I’ll yell about it. You create a problem. You attack a problem. You claim to have solved a problem. It’s not a problem, Glen, just something you’re squalling about.

Fifth, copying the governor of Florida by instituting a state mandate to prohibit cities and counties from protecting our children and teachers from COVID-19's delta variant. That’s a real problem.

Sixth, attending a “Stop the Steal” rally at Jerry Falwell’s university that even his running mates thought was too crazy to attend.

Now, Glen is on to crime. I’m not sure if Glen wants to address crime or just really, really, really wants to be governor.

I do know that when Terry McAuliffe was governor, Virginia was the fourth-safest state in the nation.


Martinsville and Washington, DC

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