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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Looking for the silent majority

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Looking for the silent majority

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Looking for the silent majority

To the editor:

I hope we have many passive or silent conservatives out there that support our state and local police men and women. If you listen to the mainstream media, these officers are the enemies of the people and especially the people of color. These hard-working people are out there to protect the public and are getting villainized by a media that puts their lives in danger. I am sure some would say, “But look at what some of them have done in the past.” The questions would be has anyone ever worked at a job that everyone there was perfect? Are all doctors perfect? The answer is obvious to most people. We need to defend our brave officers, thank them and above all not defund them.

We have a law-and-order president that is trying to help many of these liberal-run cities get a handle on crime, murders and protesters destroying federal and private property. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has called federal agents “stormtroopers,” while they are trying to restore some semblance of order. The mayors in some of these cities seem to want chaos and of course blame our president for everything, which is right in line with the mainstream media. I hope enough people are sick and tired of this president being blamed, no matter what he does, and will become the silent majority that gives him four more years to drive liberals crazy.



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