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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: More 'flim-flam' from that man

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: More 'flim-flam' from that man

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To the editor:

So "Operation Warp Speed" was a concept in the warped mind of Donald Trump. Again, he spoke of a vast plan only to handle it in a half vast way. If he had only said to the doers “make it so” like a Star Trek leader would do, maybe it would have been done in warp speed.

His leadership ended when the vaccine was available and was in production and scheduled for delivery. He said it as up to the states to distribute. The job is not done until injections are made in millions of arms. This was his half vast job.

He has an administration record of dropping the ball when he needed to step up. He has the National Guard and Army Reserves that are called upon in emergencies. He had the National Defense Act to deploy. Sometimes acting (lame duck) Cabinet officials do not know the ropes and probably do not want to push those ideas to an unreceptive president.

He has consistently given aid to the enemy, the pandemic. This is the definition of treason. When wearing masks, distancing, washing hands have been the main defenses against contagion into the new year, he still held rallies where his base follows him blindly like lambs to slaughter risking their own health to a killer virus.

It is uncanny how he had conned his base. Sen. Ted Cruz spoke of his flim-flam persona when he ran against Trump. Why is he so beholden to him? How does Trump spew so much hate and lies that some folks just suck up? We recently saw our Capitol ravaged because of Trump, and it was ugly. Now it is time to get off the mat and fix our Democracy. It is written “all tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”




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