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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Roosevelt's dinner brings questions

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Roosevelt's dinner brings questions

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Roosevelt’s dinner brings questions

To the editor:

I’ve never known much about President Teddy Roosevelt, so I did a little research and would like to share this particular find.

On Oct. 16, 1901, shortly after moving into the White House, President Theodore Roosevelt invited his adviser, African-American spokesman Booker T. Washington, to dine with him and his family. It provoked an outpouring of condemnation from Southern politicians and press. This reaction affected subsequent White House practice, and no other African-American was invited to the White House for dinner for almost 30 years.

Why is my race so hated? Will there be a section in heaven for Blacks only? Whites only? Asians only? Mexicans and Jews only? If we can’t get along and love each other after 400 years of being thrown together in this great country, how in heaven or hell will we get along after death?

It’s amazing, simply amazing, what we believe in! God bless America! When, Lord, when?




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