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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The president's misstatements

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The president's misstatements

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The president’s misstatements

To the editor:

Consider two (among many) misstatements by President Donald Trump:

“The economy is the best it has ever been” (made during the January State of the Union speech and repeated recently);

“The administration inherited an obsolete, broken, old system” (on March 19 related to dealing with COVID-19).

Speaking on MSNBC the day after the State of the Union speech, economist Steve Ratner noted that economic growth was higher in 1979, at 3.2%, under President Jimmy Carter than the “incredible results in the economy” of 2.5% under Trump. Growth was also much higher under presidents John Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Bill Clinton. Recent growth before the COVID-19 tragedy began was a condition of the 11-year “Obama Recovery.”

Further, job growth under the first 31 months of the Trump administration, averaging 191,000 per month was less than during the last 31 months of the Obama administration, averaging 227,000 per month.

Speaking of these Trump months, as COVID-19 was ravaging parts of the country and state governors were scrambling on their own to find ventilators and personal protective equipment (PPE) for their hospitals, why did the administration not prepare, during three years, to fill the national stockpile that Trump said Barack Obama left bare. Trump officials had three years to fix the “obsolete, broken, old system.” Why didn’t they? Why did they ignore the warnings from the intelligence community and the warnings from the outgoing Obama administration?

Why did they trash the Obama administration “playbook?” Why did they not replenish the stockpile before COVID-19 hit?



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