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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Wear a mask or lose my business

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Wear a mask or lose my business

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Wear a mask or lose my business

To the editor:

Thank you Mr. Doyle regarding your letter to the bulletin on Sunday, July 19th regarding the wearing of masks.

I want to be supportive of businesses and restaurants that have been affected by this pandemic, but I have a problem with going to a restaurant or business where the wearing of masks are not mandatory. One business, when I asked if the wearing of masks was now mandatory, said “they are mandatory, but we can’t enforce it.”

COVID-19 is spread through droplets from coughing, sneezing and just plain talking. So it disturbed me when I recently went to four different restaurant sites here in Martinsville and Henry County and they were not using masks.

The first restaurant I encountered when I asked if they wore masks, said not they didn’t wear masks and I asked, “Not even when you are preparing the food?” The person to whom I was speaking to immediately took offense and asked if I “knew how hard it was to wear a mask in a hot kitchen?” I ended our conversation at that point. In my opinion wearing a mask is no doubt a lot better than having a respirator/ventilator masks to try and save one’s life.

The second restaurant I went to, when I pulled around to the drive-thru window, the cashier was not wearing a mask and I asked her where her mask was. She gave me the deer-in-the-headlight look and stepped aside and told the manager I inquired about her mask. I called the manager to the window and she too was not wearing a mask. I asked the manager where their masks were. The manager proceeded to tell me that it was hot in there. I told her that it was not right to not be wearing masks and she said she knew but that they took them off so they could breathe, reiterating again that it was hot in there.

My third encounter was a walk in facility for takeout. Three employees wore masks, but the manager who was handling food and one of the cooks were not wearing a mask. The cook without the mask was laughing and talking over the food while it was being prepared. Several people have gotten this virus and don’t have a clue as to how they contracted it. I think I should note again that this virus can be spread through droplets from coughing, sneezing and talking.

My fourth encounter was at a drive-thru restaurant as I pulled around to pay. The employee at the window and one behind her were not wearing masks. I asked her where her mask was and she said “oh, we don’t have to wear masks.” My response was, “Well you can’t get my business,” and I drove off.

COVID-19 is a killer. When you choose to not protect the public and callously disregard prevention measures and mandates to prevent the spread of this virus and put me in harm’s way, I choose not to give you my business. To the many people who have not even considered the many ways this virus can be contracted, I leave you this food for thought.



Laying bare those who don’t wear masks

To the editor:

This is to all those folks who claim they have a constitutional right to refuse to wear government-mandated face masks: Why don’t you trot down to your local Walmart, go inside and take off all your clothes and lolly-gag buck naked around the grocery section? Wonder how long it will take before the blue coats come to arrest you and haul you off to the slammer?

Now, tell me again how it is you figure you have a right to refuse to comply with government-mandated body coverings?



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