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THE STROLLER: Messieurs and Mesdames, clean your washers
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THE STROLLER: Messieurs and Mesdames, clean your washers

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TODAY’S PHRASE is motif. Example: The motif of the Rev. Martin Luther King's most famous speech is "dream," and the main themes are equality, peaceful protest and hope for the future.

TUESDAY’S WORD was alliteration. It means the occurrence of the same letters or sounds at the beginning of adjacent or closely related words. Example: Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven” uses many enchanting plays on language, such as the alliteration in the line “And the silken, sad, uncertain rustling of each purple curtain.”

Wash the washer

It seems like the washing machine should be the cleanest thing in the house, considering its job. 

It washes.

However, it needs a washing itself now and then.

First, if you're reading this at home, get up and open the lid or door (unless it's in use right now; the laundry never does seem to get done, does it?). That will let air circulate and dry out the insides, to help prevent mildew.

The article "How to Clean a Washing Machine" by Regina Yunghans in the Feb. 24, 2019, edition of Apartment Therapy tells how to get a top-loading machine clean. We wonder how well it would work with a front-loader.

Fill the washer with the settings for highest load size, hottest water and longest wash. Add a quart of white vinegar. Close the lid and let the washer agitate for about a minute, then turn the machine off and let the water and vinegar soak for an hour.

Meanwhile, soak and scrub all the other parts of the machine you can reach. 

After an hour, let the wash cycle continue. Then run the empty load again, same settings, with a cup of baking soda to neutralize the vinegar and help clean away any residue left from the first wash.

After all of that is done, wipe the sides and bottom of the tub with vinegar solution.

No more Mlle.

In French, "Madam" means "Mrs.," "Mademoiselle" means "Miss," and "Monsieur" means "Mr." In 2012, France banned the use of "mademoiselle" in all official documents, to give equal treatment to both men and women (if they don't point out a man's marital status, don't point out a woman's).

Helen Zaltzman in her Monday edition of her "The Allusionist," said that "Madam" means "woman" and "oiselle" means both "virgin" and "simpleton."

TUESDAY’S TRIVIA ANSWER: “Oh, no, it wasn’t the airplanes. It was Beauty killed the Beast" was said by Robert Armstrong as Carl Denham in the 1933 movie "King Kong." King Kong was a giant prehistoric gorilla who was captured and put on display, then escapes and causes mayhem. The famous final scene has him on top of the Empire State Building with airplanes flying around to shoot him down. His rampage, though, was fueled by his love for a beautiful woman - the "Beauty."

TODAY’S TRIVIA QUESTION: Tell the story behind this movie quote: "My precious."

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