THE STROLLER: Shedding a little light on our summer
The Stroller

THE STROLLER: Shedding a little light on our summer

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TODAY’S WORD is recalcitrant. Example: When the man was confronted by the words he was quoted as having said three years earlier, he became cantankerous and recalcitrant and adamantly insisted he never had said such a thing.

SUNDAY’S WORD was impudent. It means contemptuous and without regard for others. Example: When the former justice department official was trying to speak during a Congressional hearing, a member from Texas turned impudent and continuously rapped on his desk to make noise and disrupt the ability of the speaker to be heard.

Lightning strikes

Maybe we haven't been paying close enough attention -- although we think we have -- but last night The Stroller's backyard suddenly was brightened by the appearance of a flock of lightning bugs, which is one of our favorite summer gifts from Mother Nature.

The Stroller struck up a relationship with these little flyboys -- we say boys because the flash is really the guys trying to hit on the girls, and there's something about the brightness of the flash transmitting, well, prowess -- as a child, when they seemed to be everywhere in the first days of summer.

Did you, too, try to catch and keep the bugs? It was cool when one flashed while we were holding it carefully in the palm of our hand.The flash seemed to light up all our fingers.

Of course when your cousins were around there was sort of a contest about catching the little buggers in a jar and seeing who could get the most. We would add cut grass and punch holes in the lid of the jar, but we weren't really catching the bugs forever. The experts say that adult fireflies -- we prefer our term -- flash for about two months.

A reader shares a funny

The Stroller loves receiving funny emails. It happens frequently, and we have to admit some of the jokes are a little more adventurous than is appropriate for our purposes. But we think this one from Kitty Plaster is fun.

A man and woman were sitting in church with their 3-year-old son sitting between them. Because it was the 4th of July the congregation was going to sing the National Anthem to celebrate the country's birthday. Everyone stood and sang. After the congregation had finished the song, the 3-year-old yelled out, "Let's play ball!".

SUNDAY’S TRIVIA ANSWER: Super Bowl games represent 29 of the 30 most-watched TV events of all time. The only island in that list is at No. 9, with the final episode of "MASH" ("Goodbye, farewell and amen"), which was aired on Feb. 28, 1983. And can you believe it was watched by 105.97 million viewers. A big hit TV show now might get 10 million.

TODAY’S TRIVIA QUESTION: "MASH" was the story of an Army medical unit serving in the Korean War and was a popular TV show for 11 seasons. From what source did "MASH" originate?

The Stroller appreciates readers calling or emailing to share jokes, stories, comments, Words of the Day and trivia questions. We’re at 276-638-8801 ext. 243 and

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