THE STROLLER: This house is the authentic article
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THE STROLLER: This house is the authentic article

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TODAY’S WORD is nonplussed. Example: Freddie was loving every minute of his bachelor party, until the bikini-clad woman who was doing the enticing dance teasingly turned around and revealed herself to be his fiancee, which left him utterly nonplussed.

TUESDAY’S WORD was rectitudinous. It means freedom from doubt, especially of religious or moral matters; or piously self-righteous. It comes from the Latin "rectus," meaning straight or right. ("Recto" is Spanish for straight.) Example: The pastoral candidate had the reputation of a compassionate way of comforting the bereaved and conflicted as well as being of rectidunious character, so he was invited to give an trial sermon.

The Morten home

Judy Harris came across the most unexpected delight while reading the July issue of Southern Living: a feature on the vacation home of Spencer Morten and his three daughters, Devon Morten McCombs, Mary Spencer Morten and Liza Morten Gioia, in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The family bought the 1929-built house in 1993, the article states and expanded it from four bedrooms and four baths to seven bedrooms and seven baths. A special feature of the house is its original Dutch entry door, which Tee Freeman of Freeman's Restoration in Collinsville restored using original techniques. A bedside table, which belonged to the sisters' great-grandmother, has a Garrick table lamp from Bassett Mirror Company, which was launched by their great-great-grandfather and run now by their father.

"This is a wonderful article," Harris said. "this is one of the nicest articles ever."

Cindy Gray blood drive

The Virginia Museum of Natural History is hosting a blood drive from 1 to 5 p.m. today in memory of the late Cindy Gray, who had worked there. To donate blood, schedule an appointment on the American Red Cross' website,, and use location zip code 24112. The blood drive will happen in the Walker Lecture Hall.

TUESDAY’S TRIVIA ANSWER: Parents and grandparents may remember the 1977 song "Sunflower" by Glen Campbell, written and performed also by Neil Diamond ("Good mornin' You sure do make it like a sunny day Sunflower Fair warning I'm gonna love you if you come my way"). However, the kids of today have their own "Sunflower" -- by Post Malone and Swae Lee, with lyrics that include "You're a sunflower - I think your love would be too much - Or you'll be left in the dust - Unless I stuck by ya - You're the sunflower." It's part of the soundtrack of "SpiderMan: Into the Spider-Verse."

TODAY’S TRIVIA QUESTION: THans-Peter Schiffer of Germany is on record four times for having the tallest sunflower as measured by the Guinness World Records. What was the height of that tallest sunflower, marked in 2014?

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