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Beautiful level lot, almost 2 acres in a country setting. 3 BR 2 bath home. Nice back deck. Home is not on a permanent foundation. Storage bui…

Fabulous home in the country, on a nice level corner lot and a wooded backyard! Open floor plan, permanent brick foundation, 2 decks, and nice…

A few weeks ago a visitor to my wanted to know about brick foundations. Karen has an ambitious desire to build a small 900-square-foot house by herself. She is well aware of her physical limitations and asked me if it was possible for her to construct the foundation using standard brick. She had tried to lift an 8x8x16-inch concrete block and discovered those were too heavy. She feels she could handle brick. Karen asked me what she needs to know to build a strong brick foundation.

This virus is insidious, grabbing and releasing some and taking others despite efforts to stay safe.

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This inspirational story is based on James’ charity foundation, which motivates children to reach for the stars and “strive for greatness.” This rhyming narrative, with art by Nina Mata, encourages kids to dream big and that they can achieve goals with hard work.

Sometimes, when I’m at a store and a woman runs over me with a shopping cart loaded with 478 pounds of chocolate chip cookies and a case of di…

I can call my neighbor the crazy postal worker because we are the best of pals and I don’t mind at all if she calls me the crazy newspaper guy.

In July, I wrote about a painful encounter while mowing: “In a patch of clover on this particular day, a bee stung me on the ankle. I can’t be…

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This oft-overlooked comedy follows four 20-something London Muslim women who form a punk band. They bicker and have all kinds of life and faith issues, but their devotion to each other adds a touching foundation to the punchlines.

Q: Tim, you helped me years ago, and now I’m back. I’m going to build a freestanding deck at my house during my vacation. After watching lots of online videos, I’m somewhat confused about how to connect the deck posts to the concrete piers. What is the best way? I’m worried about my freestanding deck swaying back and forth. The top of the deck is going to be about 7 feet up in the air. My goal is to have the deck rock solid. What should I do to make this happen? —Ron S., Richmond, Va.

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