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Chef Elizabeth Johnson’s take on a popular South American drink is a fusion of yerba mate, grapefruit juice & herbs.

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TikTok creator Christine (@_forthehome) has some impressive indoor plants in her living space, and that might be thanks to her banana tea fertilizer. The recipe couldn’t be simpler: just fill a jar with banana peels and water, close and let brew for three days, then water your plants with the mixture.

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“A daytime NYE party should still feel special and festive,” says Greg Lofts, deputy food editor for Martha Stewart Living. “For beverages, bubbles are a must, even if alcohol is not, to set a celebratory mood. Make a mocktail as the featured drink."

Whether you’re in it purely for the fresh taste or eager to boost your digestion, ease your tension and more, here are a few added benefits to drinking peppermint tea.

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Agatha Christie’s “At Bertram’s Hotel” takes Miss Marple to London, to the doppelgänger of Brown’s, one of Christie’s favorite hotels, which apparently still offers tea. Well, maybe not these days.

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From tea to whiskey, you can arrange a variety of virtual tastings. When you arrange the event, the provider typically makes plans to have the tasting items arrive in advance. Then, an expert guides the team through the tasting. For example, Open Door Tea hosts virtual tea tastings.

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Use a distracting activity like drinking a cup of hot tea, going for a walk, calling a friend, or writing in a journal. Cravings usually last only about 45 minutes. If you distract yourself, you should find you’ve gotten past them without the need to stress eat.

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