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MY WORD: Rep. Griffith shows he doesn't know very much

MY WORD: Rep. Griffith shows he doesn't know very much

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U.S Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-Salem) in a recent statement distributed to constituents and on his website again displayed all the attributes of one staggeringly ignorant, technologically illiterate dinosaur, who simply does not argue his case but prejudicially asserts his ideologically driven tendentious insults — in the face of a pandemic that has already killed more than 125,000 Americans and invaded both the White House and Congress via multiple COVID-19 carriers and victims.

He does not mention this fact. He recklessly avoids it like the plague, perhaps because he knows full well it would infect and kill his argument about why he opposes House members voting remotely.

He claims to his special Trumpian audience: “Citizens should not trust the future of our great Republic to those who demand they be allowed to do their essential jobs while sitting at home in their La-Z-Boy recliner.”

This is a politically-driven insult to thoughtful, careful and productive elected officials who know no upper or lower limit for egregiousness. Our “great Republic”? Does he mean the one pitied by the rest of the world for its massively incompetent and fatal response, the worst in the world, to the greatest public health crisis in over 100 years?

Government by those “sitting at home”? You mean, like the president who sits in his White House residence tweeting like a narcissistic and brainless mocking bird at all hours of the morning (until 11 a.m.) and night? Or has spent a third of his time in office sitting in a golf cart at the millions of taxpayers’ dollars? Legislators in their “La-Z-Boy recliners”? How do you, Rep. Griffith, bring yourself to even dare to imply that it is laziness and not public safety that is their obvious motivation is a deep reflection of your own uncharitable and duplicitous motivations.

He asserts, “The Framers knew that mischief could take place if the House met with less than a majority of its members.”

Tell me, Mr. Griffith, just how many “framers,” including, say, George Mason, actually rejected the idea of voting via internet telepresence and argued that telepresence is no presence and is indeed a source of “minority mischief.” This laughably irrelevant reference to “the framers” here should be enough to deny not only a middle school diploma but a passing grade in a Logic 101 class.

I watched him openly challenge [whistleblower] Dr. [Rick] Bright, live on TV, for his stance regarding unleashing hydroxychloroquine to uncontrolled use outside the context of a controlled medical study in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and transparently display dangerous, adolescent ignorance of the critical meaning and value of a properly supervised controlled study of the safety of this drug in this new context to obtain scientific knowledge that we are not wasting valuable research time and resources and doing more harm than good —such as actually increasing the death rate via cardiac arrest in people whose vascular system is under attack by this novel virus. This brazen, inexcusable attitude about medical science puts him squarely into the medical quackery box, right along with Trump with his instructions to doctors to investigate injecting disinfectants into the body and bringing strong UV light into the lungs for “cleansing.”

Mr. Griffith, you and those like you recklessly endanger the future of the United States and the majority of its citizens. You should resign in the face of your own abject ignorance and incompetence. It is regrettable that you rate high on the Dunning-Kruger index and appear to be incapable of assessing your own fitness for office. My God, the idea that the future of humanity and civilization should be left in your hands and that of a fake reality TV star whose chief skills are bloviation, intimidation and tax evasion gives thoughtful people concern that we are collectively destined for extinction in the hands of a certain minority of people who are intransigently and criminally negligent grifters.

Thoughts and prayers (and my vote) for Rep. Griffith’s permanent removal from government.

The writer lives in Collinsville.

The writer lives in Collinsville.

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